Psychosocial counseling is one of the effective therapeutic interventions being popular day by day because of its effectiveness among people having psychosocial problems and minor mental illnesses. Since mental health issues are so wide and extremely needed, these human resources are being valued by local NGOs and as well as INGOs of Nepal. Therefore to fulfill this gap, we provide intensive supervised 6-months ‘Basic course’ on counseling. We conduct 6-month counseling training generally twice a year. We also provide specialized courses based on the need.
Duration of the Program: This is a six-month training program aiming to produce counselors. In total this course comprises 780 hours.
Nature of the Program: The training in Counselling has both theoretical knowledge and skill-based learning alternating with practical exposure to people in need of organizations/institutions/communities. Because of COVID-19 lockdown, these days we conduct this training online too.
Special Features of the Program:
Classroom-based learning – The trainees are taught basic knowledge and skills in a classroom setting for the first two weeks, and then subsequent other days in the classroom.
Internship– The trainees are sent to different organizations to practice the learned skills in real settings. This is at least three times in the whole program.
Clinical supervision– The trainees are supervised by experienced trainers/supervisors during their placements in order to be on the right track in their work and get feedback regarding the case they are handling.
The experienced psychologists and counselors are the trainers.
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