Career guidance

Career guidance

ANTARANG Jeevan Path
(Career Guidance Program)

Whatever You Decide To Do, Make Sure It Makes You Happy!

Are you in a dilemma of choosing the right career?

Do you need guidance in your chosen career?

Are you in the stage of retirement and need help with what to do next?

Don’t worry you have come to the right place.

ANTARANG Jeevan Path program focuses on the promotion of emotional wellbeing by helping people make effective career decisions. It deals with the distress of an individual who is uncomfortable with the career choices they have made and wants to consider possibilities of making career changes. We help people with career assessments, career management, and career preparation.

It is a program dedicated to career guidance and counseling to students. We offer worldwide, scientific, online assessment test that helps you understand yourself in a better way. This ultimately makes you easier to choose your career destination in life.

We have world’s best online assessment tool for youths based on which career counselling is provided.

Who is career counselling for?

It is especially for those students who are at crossroad of their stream selection, course selection or college selection.
It is also for people who are stuck in their career or who wants career advancement. 


For class 9 & 10: Stream and subject Selection

This will help you choose your perfect stream and subjects as the test gives you the comprehensive assessment of your strengths. Based on your strengths, career counselor provides you the personalized counseling service for you.

Class 11 & 12: Career Selection & Planning

The 5-dimensional test will lead you towards you unique strengths and abilities. The career counselor will guide you on your targeted career options to plan for you college and course choice. This will provide you a step-by-step plan for your career advancement.

Graduates : Career Selection & Development

Once you are done your with your 12 standard, you need to move on in another decisive step that matches accurately with your skills, interests and career goals. Through our 5-dimensional assessment and thenafter personalized career counselling for you, you will accelerate your career.

Steps to get involved with Jeevanpath program

  1. Register Yourself

    Register yourself with required personal information. Then our team will lead you further process. After registration, the online portal will lead you towards right tests.
  2. Career Assessment Test

    Get your right online career assessment test and fill as per required. This will provide you the detailed understanding of yourself through 5-dimensional career assessment test. This test is the outcome of an extensive research by India’s leading psychometricians, ensuring the accuracy and validity of results. Once you complete the assessment, you will get your personalized 28-34 pages result.
  3. Expert’ Guidance

    You will be asked to set a time for one-to-one counselling session with our certified and expert career counselor, either face to face or online if you are not in the Kathmandu valley. Plan your stream, course, college and career from our expert counselors. You will be guided on whether your academics, motivations and insights match with your stream or career options. with the evaluation of the suitability for suggested streams/careers.
  4. Development of Career path

    You will narrow down and short list the colleges of your best fit-in with your career goal. You will be guided with entrance exam, scholarships.

Extensive Support

Beside these, you can visit to a huge career library that describes numerous types of careers in the worldwide. You can get access to about 150 careers (this also includes careers that are from technical or vocational education) available in the country. If you wish to have a career coaching service for a year or more, you can take up the service too.

Take other specific services, like preparing CV/resume, guide on facing interviews or building portfolios and more. You can participate our webinars on career as well.

 If you feel to have psychosocial issues related to career and wants psychosocial counseling, you can take up.


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